23 ~ Design and Inspire



So I’ve been working on a design for my living room/tv area. It’s a mix of a poem I wrote here (edited it a bit) which I can customize onto a vinyl sticker, a phoenix decal and red LED light strips across the entire wall. I’m a very visual person so this is how I can test to see how my ideas would probably show up in real life. My walls aren’t white – they’re like this salmon color, lol.

My plans may change just as much as my dining area did, but I have my heart pretty much set on something like this.

22 thoughts on “23 ~ Design and Inspire

  1. This will look totally awesome. Can’t wait until it all comes together. We’re going to have so much fun whether it be dinner parties, girls night, or just watching maury or jerry hahaha

    • Already reconsidering it. *sigh* Man… me and my indecisions. But I don’t think the red would work well with the pink and mint pillows.

      We can’t watch Maury or Jerry – we’re supposed to be at work during those times, LOL.

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