22 ~ And the Moon Sees All

She’ll welcome you to her madness
Series of dark urban fantasies
Dip her stinger in poisoned ink pots
Piercing pages on her decree

In her notebook full of fiction
The poisoned letters will infest
Imaginations crawl into your mind
As her words beat in your chest

To others she may be a mystery
But she is never one to pretend
The most honest of my aresnal
A Scorpion Goddess I call friend


*Li, this is for you. ♥

Photo Credit: Echoes-of-Elaris

18 thoughts on “22 ~ And the Moon Sees All

    • Thanks boo. It’s been so cold to write though. My fingers get numb if I don’t sit on them or hide them under covers, so typing and writing in my notebook has gotten a bit trickier to do. >_<

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And the wind whispers...

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