18 ~ Nostalgia

041Two cairn stones left by previous hikers mark the correct way to go.


This is my favorite hiking trail and one I’ve done many, many times since 2005. Each time I visit, something changes and it saddens me a bit, but such is the way of nature and life. This is the first time that I’ve seen landslides, overgrown plants and fallen trees that block your path though.


I remember coming with my parents for the first time. We didn’t climb up the falls back then but continued down Bear Canyon where I swam in this little secluded mini pool.


I wanted to reach the Bear Camp today since I’ve never seen it, but with all the obstacles we had to turn back. Patrick and I did climb the the side of the falls though. Not sure why I was so afraid to do it today when I’ve done it a few times before. *shrugs* A gorgeous hike still and the cold, fresh air was much needed. And is it just me, or do I see rainbows and hearts everywhere? β™₯

17 thoughts on “18 ~ Nostalgia

    • They ended up cleaning all the graffiti, but this time, mother nature is reclaiming the paths. πŸ˜† This place used to be open 7 days a week but now it’s only available on the weekends and the trails aren’t as visible anymore. 😦 It’s okay for me since I’ve been here so many times, but for newbies – it’s easy to get lost. >_<

  1. This looks like such a lovely place! That water looks wonderfully clean and clear, and even the rocks are very attractive in this place! There’s a lot of very smooth round rocks there, I’m wondering if they used to have water flowing over them many years ago, because not many of them have corners? Must be a beautiful place to have a picnic! πŸ™‚

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