13 ~ Pitter Patter

Tonight, the sky is falling

Cold droplets splatter against my window

Pales in comparison to the hurricane inside my heart

So I’ll open up my umbrella

Knowing it won’t stop the rain

The placebo affect of the canopy of hope remains

I want to come clean with the clouds

Let this all wash out until the morning wakes

Let the sunlight dry the storm with it’s smile

But the rain, oh the rain

I can hear it outside my windowpane

And I’m safe and dry indoors, yet my pillow is wet

Feeling a little blue and I wish I could write something more lovely like this: Thunder Buddy. But any form of romanticism has been lost for awhile now.

37 thoughts on “13 ~ Pitter Patter

    • I think with me fighting the cold that’s been going around and this gloomy weather – it puts me in a sour mood. 😦 But it will pass and I have the day off of work, so that’s a plus! Thank you, lovie. ♥

  1. Chatyy Owl up over my comment space said beautiful girl, your certainly not bad looking, I getting off track here. How long can a romance last? Forever, don´t think so. Just be a narcissist that only thinks about oneself then you don´t have to suffer. Yet again, maybe is good to suffer, to experiment emotions and learn to deal with them will make you stronger and wiser.
    Psychologist say, that when couples that have broken up say they still remain friends it´s because they where not in love in the first place.That´s what psychologist say… Or maybe I said it. Either way, I´m still mixed up with that blue and green conversation up there, what I do know is that you just keep moving forward. You always look forward, make a decision and then follow through. Looking into the past is a waste of time.

    I won´t charge you for this. You should feel better now, since I normally charge people when I comment on their post´s.

    • LOL, thanks. Romance doesn’t last forever, but I’m usually a romantic at heart so I prefer to write in that way. Narcissist has a negative connotation and life is too beautiful to be living like that. I believe that it’s a different form of suffering – one void of anything that could make one happy, if even for a little while.

      I’m not friends with any exes. Tried a few times with two of them, and it just doesn’t work. Looking to the past can be a good or bad thing. I started this project so I could look back and reflect. See the changes, growth, rhythm of my heart and soul poured onto the pages. Looking back and being depressed is not a positive thing, but too often do we not look back and remember what not to do in the future, haha.

      I still haven’t paid you for the other times. Put it on my IOU. 😛

      • Didn´t work for me either with the exes.

        The narcissist thing you probably got it I was being sarcastic, a funny sarcastic though. But I like your reasoning. And I find it interesting and quite smart really, the reasoning to start your project.

        Maybe I´m the one who should pay you for reading you, you´re a very good writer-poet. If not I wouldn´t be reading you! Plus you put up cool pictures of strange mountains, and since I can´t travel, It´s my little way to travel to places by watching pictures on other posts, I love taking pictures…but I only have my phone to take them, no camera!

        • Yup, definitely got the sarcasm. 😛

          Still can’t believe it has gotten this far. Now if only I can apply that discipline in real life like I did with this blog. 😆

          A lot of pictures were taken with my phone or a borrowed camera. It was only about a month ago that my brother got me my own. He was like, “so you don’t have to keep using your friends.” *smh* I would like to see what pictures you would take. Like seeing little bits and glimpses of your world or what you see around you. I think it speaks a lot about a person and their viewpoints.

  2. Excellent poem! Tying in tears to the weather in the last line is exceptionally tight and well done. I hope writing this excellent piece helped…

    • Thank you John. I reread this again in the morning and it did help. I don’t feel the same way as I did last night. Looked up changes in the weather and how it affects ones mood before I went to bed, and it explained and confirmed a lot of what I was feeling. Cold weather can make one feel lonely, even if we’re not alone. ^_^

  3. Very moving and real. Great eloquence and elegant expression – ‘The placebo affect of the canopy of hope’. A wonderful read, thank you.

  4. Although this is sad, it’s so beautiful too. And much more lovely and elegant than you have given it credit! 🙂 You are a very good writer Britt! I wasn’t writing poetry like this in my twenties. You are way ahead of where I was at that time. So don’t ever give it up. And keep turning all the happy and sad moments of your life into words that reach out and touch others, because without connecting to others in what we feel – what are we? Oh – back to that reflection question again!! 😉

    • It’s all about connecting. ♥ Never thought WordPress would be so therapeutic but it’s such an amazing platform. I’m just grateful to be able to write and express myself this way, and the feedback and kindness fill my heart with a happiness I didn’t know was possible before WP. ♥

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