11 ~ Star Fire

Let the moon be your spotlight

As the darkness begins your show

Sunset curtains open your performance

So my love, let your body glow

Dancing transversely in the sky

The complete universe, your stage

Leaving footprints of tiny star dusts

Leave all eyes to be engaged

Witness you cascade across the galaxy

In a ballet of hearts and light

As I close my eyes and make a wish

On my shooting star tonight


20 thoughts on “11 ~ Star Fire

  1. Wow! That is really beautiful. I loved it!

    “Witness you cascade across the galaxy

    In a ballet of hearts and light

    As I close my eyes and make a wish

    On my shooting star tonight”

    You are very talented my friend! 😀

    • Awwww, thank you Vashti! ♥ I was starting to lose faith in my writing abilities since I couldn’t find inspiration inside of me to put pen to paper, but I think it’s coming back. ^_^

    • Two things I love, dancing and writing. They are similar in a way – if you get the rhythm down right to create a smooth fluid motion, it’s pretty darn spiffy! Thank you GE. Hope you are staying warm and sick-free my friend. xx

        • That’s good to hear! And yes, just finished an exhilarating hike a couple of hours ago and feeling fantastic. 😀 Will you learn how to twerk? Cuz I mean… if that dog could do it, one of us can right? LOL

          • Yay for awesome hikes! It’s a blanket of white outside here, you should go snowshoeing, lol.

            Um… I’ll let you have the honor of twerking, lol. There are a few things the world never ever needs to see and me twerking is one of them. 😆

            • It was muggy today, but it rarely snows in So Cal if ever! I only saw snow about two times in my 28 years of life, haha. And I had to travel a bit up north to see them.

              You sure GE? Because I would LOVE to see that! I looked at the twerking videos and I’m sure that if I tried, it would just look like I had a seizure or a terrible wedgie I couldn’t fix. O_o My readers would be calling 9-1-1 after I uploaded it.

  2. Nice, didn´t scare me. Now you should write a poem about what that wish is.

    P.S. I´ll be out of the radar for some time….But I´ll keep an eye on you when I´m back. Sound creepy don´t it…..uuuuu

    Forgot. As you say: hugs or as I say huuuuuuugs.

    Merry Christmas and have a fun for me or on my name since I´m not going to be able.

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