8 ~ Once in a Full Moon

You ask me what I want
Three things I could ever wish
One day I’ll be able to show you
The three things I want are this

To unravel in your arms
Like soft pure falling snow
Plant kisses on your body
As if it were made of mistletoe

Fall asleep to your heartbeat
A lullaby of my favorite tune
And time will melt before us
As you melt into me under the moon


20131216_173532 copy

30 thoughts on “8 ~ Once in a Full Moon

  1. Your words always leave one breathless when they embrace your poems! To me you shine so brightly when you write your poems, so real and so genuine, you make it so easy to love our poems!

      • It is always alive within you Britt! I read your words and there is always a radiance alive deep within everyone that you bring to life with your pen. I look and see the same spirit which I see within mine. It seems to come easy when someone has a genuine sharing heart…and you do have that! Your posts always leave lasting smiles within the minds of your followers. Happy Holidays! When I sometimes cannot think of what to write about, I will cozy up to Gods love and write something for him, and the love I feel makes it easy to write so many others about the genuine love I find in him in other romantic poems. He said he will be everything to us, write about that love he gives you daily!

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