24 thoughts on “6 ~ Restless

    • Written via fantasy about a boy currently in Seattle visiting family for the holidays. ^_^

      We get lots of blue skies here which is rather nice. It stopped raining for a few weeks now, yay!

  1. Only 6 days to the new year, I still remember your post at the beginning of the 2013, when you told that you’ll write a post everyday … Well, you did it ! Congrats … I wish in 2014 you continue blogging everyday, it’s a pleasure to read you, fairy … The best of the wishes to this new year. Kisses and hugs.

    • Ahhhhh I can’t believe it’s almost complete! And thank you so much Leo for your well wishes & support. This blog wouldn’t have made it this far without my lovely readers, many of whom I now consider wonderful friends. ♥ Hugs and kisses to you, all the way from Cali. xoxo

      • Took a trip to North Carolina for a few days, needed to see some family before my surgery gets me held up in bed.. It’s also been a little lonely in my world so i figured the welcome company would help. Hope to write to you soon (in for real penpal fashion) now that i have some time from work.

        • Surgery?!:( I’ll ask you in a more private fashion but we’re online right now and the thought of you being hurt or in pain worries me. *hugs* x a million. You know that if you don’t write to me, I’ll bombard your box full of worry wort inquisitions… Which I will probably get to after I log off from here, lol.

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