4 ~ A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl in love with the universe

With eyes that would mirror your reflection as if it were the moon

And fairy dust painted fingertips that could trace star maps on your skin

One that knew the sound of the earth breathing underneath her own two feet

With bones that would share that same breath and nature

And a soft whisper that could send earthquakes down your spine

Once upon a time, there was a girl in love with the universe

With a feathered touch that would write your canvas with her story

And airbrush sunsets atop hip bones and rib cages

One that knew how to pull you to her gravity despite weight and mass

With a softness in her lips she would kiss you good night

And in slumber you would dream, happily ever after


45 thoughts on “4 ~ A Bedtime Story

  1. After reading you wonderful comment on my Christmas Day post I happened to look through my blog list and noticed that for some unknown reason I wasn’t ‘following’ you anymore! 😦 After we have been following each other for so long! Well I quickly fixed that! Don’t worry, Ms. Britt, I’m all yours again! 🙂

    • You know, I noticed my numbers kept jumping up and down. Thought it was a fluke but WP has been acting up in all different ways for everyone. O_o Technology isn’t perfect so I don’t mind. At least I have this wonderful platform to communicate with everyone. *hugs*

  2. With as much trouble as I have been having sleeping… can I find such a girl? lol. Just the pure bliss of it all sounds wonderful… the only thing… does she get to be happy ever after too?

  3. This post sums up why I continue to follow you. You shape your thoughts into heartfelt verse or prose, and add a beautiful picture. Not every post is this solid, but I would hate to take a chance on missing gems like this. Thanks for continuing to share yourself this way.

    • I think the deadlines for making a post a day really cuts into the quality of some of my pieces since they’re rushed, but once 2014 rolls around, I shouldn’t be having that problem much longer. 😉 That, and I don’t have to fill the pages with what I call “filler posts.” As in posting just anything, not always of real value. I’m looking forward to growing in my writing and I remember the first time you stumbled upon this blog and although we have nothing in common, writing and photography has become a way for us to connect to one another. And I find that beautiful.

      • You’re right about the self-imposed deadline. I did a post-a-day along with a new picture per day for my first year. There were days when I didn’t want to follow through on that promise I made to myself, but I did it and felt better for it. There were a few days when I couldn’t physically get to a keyboard, but I composed in my head or on a legal pad those days, and then entered the text and photos when I could get to the computer. I’ve cut back on posting drastically since that year and feel better without the deadline…but…oddly I think I was more creative over the long haul when I had a deadline. I was more aware of my surroundings, and thought more about how to clearly express myself.

        Your posts have shown that you have an open heart. That can lead to great joys and great sorrows. Your eye for photography shows that you see and appreciate the beauty around you.

        We’ll probably never be close geographically, but I hope any connection we have will grow closer and stronger. I’m looking forward to your next post, and the next, and the next…

        • I hear you on the following through and feeling better about it bit. And there are days where I would write on anything I could put my hands on – napkins, post-its, used envelopes, just so I could jot down my thoughts to bring onto the blog. Congratulations on completing the post a day for your first year! It’s actually more difficult to do than I had initially thought, lol.

          The upside of the deadline challenge was that it did push me to bring new ideas to the table and hone my craft. And I hope that as I step away for a bit and am given more time to produce a post, that I will continue to propel myself forward and not slack. This is something that I haven’t thought of until you shined your light on it. For that, I thank you because it makes me more aware.

          I hope the connection will grow as well. And if I do not have a chance speak to you again before the new year rolls around, I wish you many blossoms of happiness and every pollen of health.

  4. Hey! I was misssing some good writing. That was touchy feeling, I like that gril with so many dreams. Are you dreaming about me? Is that wat it is(winki wink, I´m winking over here)

    • Haha, you’re back! How was your holiday? Yeah, I was going to cop out and make random posts for the rest of the project, but I felt it would be better to write more poetry since my writing head is back on. 😉

      • I´m back! Jack! at least for a little while, can only use the internet for little time. I´d like to say I´m on holiday but I can´t since I´m in betwen doctors most of the days since my uncle is in terminal phase. Fuck it, it´s life.

        On a lighter note, I like your poetry very much. Not kidding, I follow and viceversa around 8 or 9 people who write poetry. You´re one of them….you have that privilage. Your welcome. I can´t write it, but I love reading it. I can write some poems, that´s why I call them “strange poems” cause they do come out quite strange.

        So I gues I´ll have to thank your other head, your writers head. Santa probably had something to do about it not you. I´m smirking right know, can´t put on the damn yellow faces, and don´t know little strange vocabulary like D: or 😀 some strange new vocabulary that the internet has invented. I even have to go and check it out on google to see what it means. I´m a caveman!

    • Tyler! I was going to email you, lol. I’m doing well, thank you and Christmas was lovely. I hope you had a beautiful xmas day with the fam and if I don’t talk to you again soon, I hope 2014 brings you much success and love.

      • Email me then!!! Haha 🙂
        I am so glad to hear you all has been well! Would you happen to be going to watch the Rose Parade on New Years day? If so, keep your eye out for me. I will be with the FIre Dept. doing (most likely) blockades and the like (I will be in the navy blue station uniform). I do wish for you to have a great 2014 and a safe New Years Day!

        • I was going to since I hadn’t heard from you and the last image on your Instagram was a truck, lol. And I don’t have an account to message you on there. 😛

          I’m not too fond of crowds so I’m passing on watching the Rose Parade in person. 😦 Even though it’s really close by! But I hope you have fun, and who knows… I might see you on TV! ^_^

          • Oh, you mean that monster truck that I am jealous of and made my truck look tiny? hahaha!!! Next photo I post up will be of just me then (and maybe my dog, Sascha), I will do definitely that!

            I completely understand! My Dad is actually biking up Henniger Flats to get a superior view of the stealth bomber which will fly over the parade rout in the morning. I may get into a pan-over, but pretty sure not an interview or anything like that, lol. I will give you a shout-out if the opportunity comes! ^_^

  5. Oh Ms Fairytale – that was very – beautifully fairytale!! But I can see the realness in between the lines of that one too. It’s a good one to read before going to sleep! 🙂 It sounds like a subject for a Doctor who episode, they have titles like that sometimes – The Girl In The Fireplace was one I was thinking of, that was a little bit fairytale at times, and The Girl Who Waited. They seem to like girls in their story titles! So I shall dream of ‘the girl in love with the universe’ now! 😀

    • Out of all my WordPress family, I believe you have always been the one to see between many of the lines. 😉 I guess it just comes back to us reading each others mind – as much as we joke about it, it has too much of a coincidence for it to not be true! 😆

      Oh, those are lovely titles. I may take after Dr. Who and label the new stories and poetry as such. 😉

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