2 ~ Aviation Mémoires: Genesis

You said flights of the heart are most weighted
Not in the arrival or departure, but delay
The air traffic tower holds your heart hostage
As you watch planes lay dormant near jetways

Pondering possibilities of love and limbo
The thrilling launch as you bid adieu
For you know that out of all those planes waiting
There’s only one special aircraft for you


You may think you bore me with analogies
In letters written before flights back home
But know your thoughts have always comforted me
And my heart beats wherever you roam

So as you sit there writing me your stories
In an undisclosed airport terminal wing
One day, I’ll tell you the story of the little black sheep
That transformed into a mighty Wolf King

Flyingwolf copy

*For my dear friend Jay, I hope you made it home safe. xx

Photo Credit: kurapika_cat

32 thoughts on “2 ~ Aviation Mémoires: Genesis

  1. Someone writing you stories, that sounds really lovely! Are they personal to you, or just shared with you first? I wish I had someone to write me stories. I have to write my own if I want to be entertained! 🙂

    • More or less true life stories, and they are personal. It’s a really beautiful thing – this exchanging of words, that it inspires me. In return, I shall write him a few of my own. Speaking of your own stories, I know you were taking time off to focus. How is that coming along?

      • Yes, it’s coming on nicely, but not so much in the last 2 weeks with all the Christmas/New Year rush, I’m glad it’s over and I can think a bit more clearly – that sounds really grumpy doesn’t it? I’m just not someone who likes too much going on in my life, or my in head. I’m always writing lists, I forget things otherwise, and around Christmas the lists just get a bit too many, including trying to remember when ‘not’ to go shopping, as sometimes the centre of that little city I live in gets jammed with traffic and PEOPLE – all trying to shop at the same time – god, it turns an attractive city into a hell hole! I live very close to the centre, which is how I like it, but December can be annoying. It wasn’t designed for Christmas shopping rush hour!! 😀 So back to the writing this week!

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      • I was just looking through some of this place is on your site and I noticed your post about losing Lindsay. I’m sorry to hear that I have never known a chinchilla but she had a beautiful face and a kind look.

          • Well thank you for sharing the details. I had a part wolf, part husky, that I was close to for years. When she got older I was on a business trip to England and she came to me in my sleep and say goodbye in a dream, I returned to United States to find out she had died that day. I have never gotten quite so close to an animal since when I remember it well. Their precious companions and listen. Please tell Lindsay a little bit of my story so she knows I understand that when I say I’m sorry I can feel it.

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