Farewell 365 Video

Good Morning Lovies,

I am making this short video to say happy New Year. It is officially 2014 and day 366 of this project. So  this video is to say, “thank you” and this will be my last post and video for awhile. Taking some time off to… not make a post a day. ^_^ So that’s about it. I will still log on and talk to some of you guys and you guys are always, always welcome to email me. Happy New Year and much love to you all. *kisses*


37 thoughts on “Farewell 365 Video

    • I’ll miss you too. ♥ But I won’t be far. Just a little hiatus and I’ll still make a post now and again when the mood strikes. Just won’t be an every day thing anymore. Much love to you Leo and I hope 2014 brings you many blessings, and perhaps romantic love. 😉

  1. Your blog has definitely been one of my favourites since joining wordpress, I always enjoyed your posts and think you have an incredible way with words. I hope you have a fantastic 2014 (and hopefully it wont be too long until you miss posting) x

    • I hope your year has started out well. 🙂 And it didn’t take long at all to miss posting, WordPress, and the community in general. x But at least now, I don’t feel the sense of urgency to complete a piece before my midnight deadlines. 😛

  2. thank you Britt for sharing so much of yourself. you have been a little bit of light in an otherwise dark journey for me. may you never forget your inner strength and beauty and find someone to share with who is worthy of all that you have to offer.

    • Thank you for accompanying me on my journey, Michael. And may yours be filled with more light for 2014 and the years to come. You have been such an inspiration and I will be back here and there to check up on how you’ve been and your writing, of course. 🙂

  3. Thank you Britt for sharing your time with us. I’m going to miss your posts, hope you do return to us every now and again. Keep working hard! Just remember you are amazing. 🙂

    Keep it green! :mrgreen:

  4. I remember, a long time ago when HillbillyZen led me to you, that you started this Blog off with a mandate of sorts: a challenge to yourself. It was definitely something that I could relate to and similar, but different to what I am doing as well.

    But it seems, at least in part, that you did a lot of what you needed to do here and I know this isn’t goodbye and it is just another transition. It makes sense.

    Britt, you are one of the most beautiful people I know and all that entails. I’ve been on something of a semi-hiatus myself and perhaps we shall run into each other again on here or somewhere. They say that the only reason fairytales are what they are is because they end, but we know better. It’s more like one tale ends and it is retold in a somewhat different way again and again. There are variances but their core is the same. Fairytales, as they spread as the epidemic that they have always been, are only beginning.

    • When I started, I wrote to chase the demons away. And it worked in a sense. The things that I kept bottled inside needed to be released and the ink spilled onto these pages for everyone to see. I guess those thoughts just needed some light to disperse. But that ended about 3/4ths of the way into this blog but I continued to post because that’s what I had set out to do.

      But that’s all changed and as you’ve said, it’s just another transition. I flagged a lot of my old posts as private today because they don’t serve their purpose anymore. Out with the old, in with the new.

      We shall run into each other again. I haven’t forgotten my pledge, work and life in general has gotten in the way. And I still want to make it out to Canada someday, although February is nearing and plans have shifted so it won’t be anytime soon. I’ll let you know when it does get set in motion.

      Here’s a new year, and new beginning for the both of us. *cheers*

  5. Congratulations on finishing Britt! I hope that the evolution you brought yourself thru in this project helps you to sit more comfortable in this wonderfully unpredictable life. It has been this reader’s undeniable pleasure to have witnessed and, in some small aspect, take part in this incredible sojourn of the heart. Now that it is done, I will have to make a better effort to write you more frequently…as to keep my healthy regiment of a fairytale epidemic spreading thru my system 🙂

    Again congratulations, the pack is proud

    • Thank you Geo. I think you’ve done a better job of staying away from WordPress than I have! haha. Hopefully my urge to post doesn’t pass as the time goes by, but as for now… I still have the inkling to jump back on here now and again.

  6. Way to go kid!! It took me like 425 days to do 365! So well done..And an awesome journey it has been…Best of luck in 2014…And I hope I see you around sometime again..

  7. And Happy New Year to you!!♥ You made it!!! 😀 That’s something to tell the grandchildren about one day! You’ve done a wonderful job Britt, that’s a lot of writing in a year, and don’t forget all the comments too, it’s like creating your own magazine – it is publishing your own magazine! By the way, I must mention that you came out as my no1 commenter out of 5 on my WordPress end of the year review – congratulations!! 😀

    Well, it ‘s been great to read all sorts of things about your life, and I’ve learned quite a lot from you too, about where you are in the world and some of the lovely locations you get to visit. I was saying to Paul the other day that I’m sure I’ve learnt far more about different countries, traditions, food and remembering the time zones than I ever did in geography lessons a school. It was so boring and impersonal that I could never remember what we had been taught! Communicating on the internet is definitely the best and most accurate geography lesson anyone can have. And anything you don’t know, you can look up in an instant – perfect lessons. So thanks for being a teacher!! 😀

    And it’s good to see and hear you again. Videos really do make a special personal touch – your own podcasts!

    Looking forward to your ongoing blog this year, at a kinder pace for you – hopefully! And you are definitely part of a wonderful group of people in my mind who have made this year very delightful – so thank you for that sweet fairygirl!♥♥

    • Way more intriguing comments than there are posts. 😉 Definitely a lot of writing though and thank you. ♥

      As for coming out as the #1 commenter, woo-hoo! Of course I’m one of your most devoted fan. 😉 haha

      School is boring and impersonal, and I definitely learned a lot more outside of that institution.

      There will be more videos to come. It’s been a nice way to share myself with my WordPress family – sucks that I still can’t fix the volume, but oh well. *shrugs* And with taking things at a kinder pace, I can finally catch up on my fellow WPer’s. I had been slacking on that with the busy holiday schedule, so I’m excited about it. ^_^

      Thank you for being such a doll and for all the insightful comments. I remember when we first started conversing, and that helped to fuel the rest of the project. Connection is a strange but glorious thing. ♥

  8. I know you cannot go far away, but hopefully you will be enjoying yourself. Remember the project, keep an eye out the will hit the tube really soon…will let you know. Hugs and blessings always my sister!

    • Once the folly of deadlines were laid to rest, then I was able to write more truthfully – not so much in words but the way God had intended my soul to write. It’s a huge part of me now so no, I won’t be too far away. No more posting each day but I will still log in to catch up on those that inspire me, like you. Many hugs and blessings, to you and yours. xx

  9. Well Britt, you really did it….365 posts. Amazing. Keep on going…but you are right, a post a day is too too too much!

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