Aviation Mémoires: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time there was a fairy, whose heart was so broken and bruised. One day she stumbled upon a sheep who grew to become her muse. Each conversation exchanged brought comfort, each word revealed their hearts. And the moment came when she would only wish, they didn’t live so far apart.

story copy

So she prayed to the moon as she cried into the river to grant her only one thing, that the Goddess turn her black little sheep into a beautiful mighty king. And as the sheep crept near the river, dipping his cloven hooves into the tainted stream, he transformed in front of his fairy into what she saw in her dream.

She no longer feared for his safety, no matter how far he would prowl. And on nights she missed her beloved companion, the moon would echo his howl.

*You can find part 1 to the story here.

Photo Credit: Molly Harrison

30 thoughts on “Aviation Mémoires: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

  1. i’m really impressed by the posts i’ve read so far…i’ll have to come back and read more for sure…your prose conjures pictures in my mind and i love that…i think it has inspired me to post some of my own in the near future…i used to write tons and then i stopped for about ten years…now i’ve started again but with a completely different voice…i have to develop that voice…thanks for the inspiration…

    • I’ve stopped and started for the past decade. I think pushing myself to make a post a day for 2013 really helped in the development to where it is now. There are photos as well, though not as many as there are on your blog, but I’ll fit that in here somewhere too. Inspiration, you can find it in many places – especially with nature; every sunrise and sunset. In every line of color. I look forward to watching your voice grow. *cheers* to more writing in the future.

      • yeh i’m pushing myself to write more as well…whether it be prose or posts on where my thoughts meander…i had forgotten how much i love writing and just how much a part of myself it was…it’s something i will never let go again…yes pictures are another passion and i’m lucky to live here where there is such natural beauty…i’m really appreciating it more and more…i will check your pics out too…yes there are many great places for inspiration…having the water and the mountains helps a lot too…

  2. It is fantastic to connect with you 🙂

    As you can see I am only just starting my blog. I am fascinated with your writing already!

    Take care and hopefully we can share and continue to inspire and be inspired into the future.

    • I feel the same as well. We all have to start from somewhere and this blog made its’ transition last year. The best way to grow is to meet new people; see the world through their eyes and words.

  3. You’re writing is just so wonderful. Never stop being you 🙂

    I wish you all the best, with everything.

    • Thank you my dear Leo. And yeah, it took awhile to pick a new layout but I’m rather pleased with this one. It’s a lot cleaner than the last. A new year, a new style.

      *butterfly kisses*

  4. This is soul wrenching! My heart must have skipped the entire time I was reading…so beautiful. While I sat there dying in utter glory, that picture (that screams perfect sync) became the stimulant that brought me back to life. Nay, perhaps I wasn’t revived at all, but simply re-living this moment for eternity in the after life, this memory on loop: the smile brought to my face by one of my favorite people in earth. and with such skill at that! one day I hope to be at your level ^_^. Thank you Queen, to the end of time, thank you.

    • Ah, the person I had been waiting for. Apologies for posting this early since you were supposed to receive this on Monday, but with you leaving before it could arrive, I had hope that this bedtime story would set your night off in the right direction. And you are on the same level – as if I would pick anyone unworthy to become the King. 😉 The pack is as strong as the leaders who run them. The words and orders will echo in dreams & eternity. xx

    • This has become one of my favorite bedtime stories I’ve written. Thinking of putting the Aviation series into a book form – one as a gift for my friend for whom it is written for, and one for my living room coffee table when I feel it is complete.

      • We have common goals. I also love photography, and I have this idea I want to do, a coffee table book that marries poetry and photo art… 🙂
        I wish you all the best for your project. I will be the first to buy it~! 😀

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  6. This is beautiful Britt!! 😀 That little black sheep must be someone very special – if he’s going to turn into a mighty king?! I’m all for miracles! 😀

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