If You Can Dream It

tvphoenixborderFinal decision on the design.


So again, I’ve changed my mind on how to decorate my living room area. I thought my previous design was a little too masculine and reminded me of a church stand that preacher’s would lay their bibles on, haha. I wanted something more feminine and similar to what I did with my dining room.


After two weeks of putting together the stand, decals and lights… I’m finally done. And my back hurts – a lot. Stupid two person assembly stand. *shakes fist in anger* Still… I’m happy-ish with the results.

living room

The wall color looks different at night. O_o It’s connected to the dining area and it’s supposed to be pinkish. But I’m glad to be done. This is where I do most of my writing or should be – that’s my laptop on the coffee table.

Anywho, I’m done with posting for awhile.


37 thoughts on “If You Can Dream It

  1. Ahh the little pink pony peaking her head out is perfect. I like the setup, it’s kind of girlie but also neutral I would say (in other words you kept pink out of it, ahahaha).

    • Oh, but it is pink GE. Just not at night for some odd reason. >_>

      The pillows on the couch are pink and mint (you can see them in my videos). And the wall is like yellow/pink. Didn’t think such a thing could occur, but it has. Hahaha. Starting to wonder that’s why I’ve been single for so long… *rofl*

      • Mint is good. I like that. Pink though…. I just dunno…. 😆

        Just kidding, I think I’ve overcome my aversion to pink. It does sound really nice though. You did an excellent job putting it all together.

        I can’t comment on the whole single thing tho.. I am so not the person to ask about that, I am dhoomed for a life of loneliness, 😆

        • What… wait? You managed to acquire a relationship for 2013 – something which I can’t claim with uncertainty. Did I miss a post?! O_o WordPress Oracles. *le sigh* I wouldn’t say doom so much, you just haven’t met the right person yet. I haven’t either, but I still burn the embers of hope.

          You have always told me to Stay Green. So I shall say, live what you preach dear GE. ♥

          • Hmm, maybe people forgot. I did blog about it… I thought you were one of the people that commented on it. You know… I’ll just use that fancy new email address and explain more.

            Also… staying Green and being alone aren’t mutually exclusive. :mrgreen:

            • I may have missed it. I’m searching now about it but I didn’t think it was the end *searching that post*. With my past relationships, we always hit a hard part and we talk about it ending… but it doesn’t. I guess I applied the same philosophy to you, if I have.

  2. Personally I like the grasses and mushrooms on the wall. Very whimsical. As for pink as I was out for a long thoughtful walk in the rain (yes I got soaked) and I realized that soon the cherry blossoms will return. Enjoying the blossoms and taking pictures of them are a favourite rite of spring. Sorry to hear you won’t be posting for a while, I am enjoying the reading, so I suppose I will have to go back and catch up with that which has been written previously.

    • Not sure why some guys are anti-pink, it’s beautiful. So are cherry blossoms. There is a botanical museum close to where I live – I should visit it again once the trees and flowers start blossoming. Thank you for the reminder. My writing comes and goes in spurts. Right now, it’s at a standstill though I’m still writing drafts to keep my mind going.

      • Yeh I do the same, but I often think of those poor lonely scraps of thoughts and starts of poems that never quite find a home. Sort of the land of misfit verse or something.

          • Well I suppose there is bound to be orphan words and phrases, that’s just the way it goes. I find that often they inspire something else or find their way in under some sort of adaptation in some future writing. Though there are definitely those that don’t fit in, as long as they are comfortable in their own letters I’m sure they don’t mind.

    • Thank you. My poetry has inspired my artistic side, and vice versa. Since I will be spending most of my time writing in both areas, I wanted the setting to reflect that. Hopefully my new computer tray arrives soon – Amazon is being ridiculous with it right now and is testing my patience. 😆

      • You will get it I’m sure. (Grrr… to Amazon)

        It’s something I need to do; make a better environment for myself. In time, I hope.
        I mostly write silly things to make kids laugh, but as small as this may be — there are few things more poetic to my ears than the laughter of innocence and the candid perspective of a child.

        • It’s been a week and estimated delivery date was last Monday. O_o I’ll probably get it today. *fingers crossed*

          I hope for you as well. It took me forever to decorate, but now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The surroundings have had a peaceful affect on my mood. And I like that you write silly things, a child’s laughter is precious.

  3. I love the designs for your wall.. I have been trying to figure out what to do with this new apartment I live in this is inspiring… I have done murals like this before between my kids rooms I painted a city in chalk board paint and fairy shadows and flowers on the other wall and gave them their own chalkboards. I love the contrast of the black shadows against the light background. the color murals I paint are so different but the black/light contrast leaves so much to the imagination…. Happy writing~Michelle

    • Thank you Michelle . I adore the idea of the chalkboards and have been thinking about adding that to one of my spaces. Maybe near the front entrance so I can write messages. What a fun and whimsical way to decorate! I too absolutely love color, but all my windows have trees outside. Like this:

      They bring in enough color, so I wanted the inside to be more neutral as to not clash. Happy writing and designing to you. ♥

  4. This is quite lovely my dear. Your style/creativity is just so refreshing…I am certain that I would be most at peace sitting in either of those rooms.The color comes together nicely and form a work of art….and better yet one you can be a part of. Makes me feel white as snow, Very awesome indeed!

  5. It looks gorgeous, and all those fairy lights make it so cosy, I’ll have to invest in some! I used to love little fairy lights on trees when I was little, even though we didn’t keep Christmas, it was always my favourite part of that time of year,and used to admire them on other peoples trees in their homes *sigh* wishing I could have some! Pretty lights should be all year round anyway – pretty lights forever!! 😀

    • I agree! Pretty lights should be displayed all year long! But since it’s not… I’ll just pretend it is, in my living/dining room.

      Pretty lights forever, indeed. 😀

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