Je Serai Poète et toi Poésie

And like Astraea I will follow you across the sky, from that day and forever,
if it meant that I would be able to breathe in the wake of your stardust.
Creating road maps of constellations as we dance across solar systems;
hand in hand, heart to heart.

lightUntil one day, I burn all the Atlases when the realization comes –
that the one that has journeyed with me, was the destination.


Photo Credit: IgnisFatsuusII

21 thoughts on “Je Serai Poète et toi Poésie

  1. Dare I say, Britt, that spending the extra time crafting your words is paying off in the best way? More and more I love following where your blog is leading. Have a great weekend!

    • Hello Norm. 🙂 Thank you so much. Though I will hesitantly admit this piece was something I wrote in response to someone’s comment to me a few days ago. I edited it a bit and spent more time trying to find a photo to present with it. Have you finished your puzzle? Ah… no need to answer, I shall usher myself to your page soon after I finish up more chores. I wish you a gorgeous weekend, my friend! x

  2. The words and the photo are captivating. I too love the new look of your Blog and especially your Gravatar. You are oh so beautiful!

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