Aviation Mémoires: the Taste of Ink

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose heart almost stopped beating. But along came a boy who reached into her rib cage and caught it before the last pulse. And he has done it, time and time again but the girl never did quite realize what it was that kept her humanity alive.

Until one day it struck her, like a lightning bolt in her spine; this happiness that flooded her body when she was able to speak with him. They say people come and go for a reason. But what if you want them to stay, forever? Whether it was fate, luck, or destiny – she needed his presence there because it made her to believe in something.

the_fairy_of_roses_by_greenbellwjndy-d5ccxny copyHis acts of kindness mirrored a baptism for her heart. Refreshed and renewed, she was set on discovering a new story. He once told her, “my life is yours for the reading,” but little did he know, her untouched chapters were for him to claim.

And the pages will blush, as she writes of her intentions.


Photo Credit: greenbellwjndy

36 thoughts on “Aviation Mémoires: the Taste of Ink

  1. I so love your writing.

    Also, I’m loving your new theme! It reminds me of the cover of my novel, with the greys and all. I like the darkish look – not dark as in morbid, dark as in… the night.

  2. My heart weeps with this story, so elegantly written.

    Will we get to read her heart?

    Is their love eternal or will they suffer cruel fate…?

    • After a few edits of course. 😉 I sent you the rough draft. Where’s my crane woman?! Do you want me to start a meet-up group for you? We can hold it at the corner comic book store. Ah hahaha.

      I’m serious though. You might be the only woman so your chances will be HIGH.

  3. I love the way you write–very otherworldly and lyrical and deeply emotional. Keep up the great work!

  4. I read your words and say to myself I know that loving heart which is alive in these masterfully penned words! I am always moved by what you share, because Brit, you tell it like it is, and it flows straight from within. I told you before, your blossoming is only beginning! Wonderful words that delight the heart, mind, spirit, and soul…the sum total of our whole. They always make a day brighter with the beauty you share! Have a wonderful week ahead!

    • It is alive and beating my dear Wendell, and the well it springs from is eternal. I’m sure it’s super late to wish you this but I hope you have a wondrous weekend my brother. May love and light fill your days for years to come.

  5. Such a gorgeous intriguing story Britt – I think you’ve got us all hooked! 😉 I like this fantasy, it’s such a good way to tell all sorts of things in life. 🙂 And I love the pictures and art you are borrowing, so striking! And I see you’ve got a lovely new Gravatar profile picture – you look wonderful on that picture!!

    I should do more fantasy myself, but my fantasy head hasn’t been so good lately, but I’m starting to write a ghost/fantasy short story for someone to read as a guest on my SoundCloud, although having said that, it may be some time away, mine usually are!! 😐 I’m going to re-watch some of the Being Human series to try and kick start my fantasy ghost writing head – hopefully I’ll get some inspiration!

    I’m going to fly off on my broomstick now! 😀 Need to make some calls to various people, so I shall be back to catch up on the rest of your posts. Sorry it’s been so long! In fact, I nearly didn’t get here today, my computer monitor wouldn’t come on. I thought my visit here today was doomed!! Turned out to be a loose connector, at least, I’m hoping that’s all it was. So all being well, I shall return very soon! 🙂 xx

  6. Filled with so much emotion, beautiful! “Love can be a savage master” sooo true!

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