Aviation Mémoires: the Aftermath

As they laid down in the grass –

Digits locked, laced and tied;

The Wolf whispered, “My Dearest Queen, what happens if we don’t succeed?

What if, perchance tonight I shall die?”

The fairy pressed her heart to his chest and replied:

Darling, we have always lived our lives despite the cost

There wouldn’t be enough ink in the sea to write your psalms

And the Earth will tremble as I name my loss.

The_Wolf_Within_by_lumosbabePhoto Credit: lumosbabe

22 thoughts on “Aviation Mémoires: the Aftermath

    • You know… I laughed really loud before even clicking the link. I knew I was in for it. Ah hahahaha.

      So is that a yes? 😛 If so, I’ll get started on that soon. You know, before the crane leaves but that shit has been there for ages. They’re taking their sweet time to complete that building.

And the wind whispers...

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