Catching Fire

If you fall for a girl that writes
Be prepared to live through her eyes
As you kiss her ink stained fingers
Forgive the pen from lips it’d dye

Smell her scent between each sheet
Hear her voice inserted in verse
Taste the comfort in her words
Each line of scripture unrehearsed


If you desire to fill her pages
Supersede ones that others took
Redefine happily ever after
Emerge as the hero of her book

Then kneel down on the pews
In the Kingdom of her chest
Feel her flame bestowed on your body
The unstoppable fire you now possess

anathema_cover_by_faroldjo-d49owc8 copyPhoto Credit: faroldjo

37 thoughts on “Catching Fire

      • most definitely…even when i am walking around i will look at a house and imagine the family that lives there and make up a story…maybe that’s why life is generally enjoyable to me, because it’s all a story and i find all of the characters fascinating in some way…if i over hear a conversation it becomes a thread in the fabric of a story i create in my head at that moment…it’s a great way to live…

  1. Beautiful! The words are so true… “If you desire to fill her pages, Supersede ones that others took.” These lines say it all! πŸ™‚

  2. You captured the you I know when your words embrace the thoughts and minds of others, filling their dreams with the descriptive beauties found alive in your words as they come to life on your pages line by line. You elegantly tease with words that it will not be an easy task to inspire your heart but to the one who stays the course and can inspire genuinely the heart he seeks, the blessing he will receive is worth its weight in diamonds and gold. Beautifully written. As a very good writer you touch others very well! Love the poem my sister and have a wonderful day!

    • Hello my brother, thank you so much for your kind and uplifting words. It’s always a treat when you come visit. I hope your day or night (when you get this note), is filled with many blessings and glittered with much happiness. x

  3. great feel and has a strong meaning. I see it both ways of course – writing and a momentum builder in life. but in my case good things never happen….hahaha.

    • I have thought the same Don, albeit I wish things were going well for you. I know travesty has hit but in it, may it bring an overwhelming amount of blessings to you. That is my only thought and prayer for the day.

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