The Butterfly & the Caterpillar

There was once two lonely caterpillars

That grew into the best of friends

They’d tell each other everything

And swore to be together ‘til the end

But one day, one of the caterpillars

Transformed into a beautiful butterfly

Scared of losing her beloved friend

The caterpillar didn’t want to say goodbye

Instead of supporting her newfound freedom

She lashed out at her instead

Tearing at the butterfly’s wings

Firing words that couldn’t be unsaid

What the caterpillar didn’t expect

Was instead of wiping tears from her eyes

The butterfly queen would wipe out those

Who would dare try to make her cry

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Photo Credit: MoonlightSpirits

37 thoughts on “The Butterfly & the Caterpillar

      • It kills some people to see others grow and be happy. Some people just want to stand still, they do not want to flourish. Jealousy knows no bounds when that sort of thing occurs, and you cannot unhear things when they’re said and they’re wrong. I understand that all too well.

        • As CF has said in my comment, Schadenfreude. And although tongues may have no bones, it is powerful enough to break a heart. Especially from someone you trust; a person you have always been there for. As a writer, words hold a lot of meaning. When wielded in an attack, the blows that puncture are intensified. The damages done cannot be reversed or healed and my instinct will always be to destroy those that have caused me pain.

  1. Well at least you let it go in the form of a poem with an awesome image! I am really liking the many things you are creating…they reflect the many lovely sides of you! Have a beautiful evening and a very lovely week ahead! Thanks for the visits always B!

    • It is my favorite outlet. One that I cherish dearly. The gift of words and a venue to show it… I feel blessed amongst calamity. The next piece will be much nicer, but we all have demons to fight even in the light. If I ever feel a bit down, I know that visiting you will always lift my spirits. The breath of selfless light you generally speak of has a way of calming the toils.

  2. Beautiful and powerful. And good for her. As Alex Lloyd said, “not everything that’s meant to be is always going to last.” People grow, and sometimes grow at separate rates or different directions.

  3. Ooh, this sounds like vengeance! 👿 A good analogy of how friendship can turn nasty. 😦 I have been lucky not to have this happen with a close friend, but definitely had this experience with another family that were friends with my family. They didn’t like our new found freedom from not keeping certain days holy (church thing – long ago) that got really nasty – the nastiness coming from them! And after that dare I say – beautifully written?!! 🙂

    Hello fairy girl!♥ I have an altered name, and a blue face, but it’s the same Suzy! 😉 How are you Britt? Going by your poem, I hope you haven’t fallen out with anyone too precious to you? 😐

    I’m hoping to work my way back on some of your posts, and was wondering if there was a story running in any of them? If there is I could do with some guidance as to which one to start with, or which ones are connected, so I don’t misunderstand any of them. Sorry if I’ve got that wrong. If I have, I’ll just randomly dip in next time.

    I love your new blog style by the way, so very fairy tale, striking, and goes really well with your style of story poetry! I’m so used to your bright clean look, I felt like I was in the dark for a few minutes, but I’ve adjusted now! 😀

    • Suzy! My long lost mind twin! ♥ Unfortunately, it is a close friend. 😦

      I see it has changed. ^_^ Hmm… fallout would be an understatement but it really is up to the other person how things go from here. Too many offenses, too many promises of change but it exploded recently. I’ve written about it before but never really named the person, and I’m sure most have thought I was writing about a guy or relationship, but nope.

      No cohesive story. Just bits and pieces so it shouldn’t be too confusing I hope. There are a few running themes: fire, dreams, wolves and the aviation memoires.

      Thank you. There was a lot of light in the last style and people were switching their themes over to Manifest (the one I was using prior), and asking me for tech support so I changed it again, haha. This one tying more closely to the Grimm’s fairytale of darker things and a quote I adore from Alice Hoffman, “Every fairy tale had a bloody lining. Every one had teeth and claws.”

      It’s good to hear from you again, by the way. I knew you were taking time off but you have been missed. xx

      • Aahh thank you, yes the mind twin is back!! 😀 I missed you too Britt!♥ It’s good to be talking again!

        I spent some time on my Tumblr blog while I was away (a bit too much time!) and I’m sick of it now. 😦 Soooo many quotes and gifs and … oh rubbish really – good fun though! 😉

        I really am sorry to hear about that friendship ruined, that’s heart wrenching stuff. My sympathy is with you! *big hugs* Although you could do with more than sympathy – perhaps a magic wand to restore all that’s been lost? I could do with one of those too! 🙂

        I’ll work my way through your old posts over the next few weeks, looking forward to reading what you’ve been up to! 🙂

  4. “Who would dare try to make her cry” – powerful! I’m a firm believer in things happen for a reason. It may be rough for quite some time, I have the faith you are going to come out of this with your head held high! XOXO

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