Aviation Mémoires: A Lesson in Romantics

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved stories. She was an odd girl of sorts, hosting tea parties in her room with teddy bears; her mind enveloped in romance and happy ever after’s. Who would still hand write letter’s and make wishes on shooting stars.

Once upon a time, that girl was told that her ideas were foolish as the lies, pain and deceit chiseled its’ way inside of her. Chipping away at her heart and beliefs. Her dreams of color, faded to black and white. Her lungs stained by hands that shouldn’t have been there.

What do you say to a girl who had lost hope?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived 3000 scar tissues away. Nameless and faceless; a passing ghost that had found refuge in the mind of a girl whose vision mirrored his own. And as the days elapsed, the phantom grew more tangible.

Once upon a time, that boy saw a girl whose heart was splintered and irreparable. So without thinking or hesitation, he gave her his. And as his heart pumped faith back into her body she asked him, “où as-tu été pendant toute ma vie?” Where have you been all my life? To which he responded, “simple, j’étais à la recherche pour vous.” I was looking for you.

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31 thoughts on “Aviation Mémoires: A Lesson in Romantics

    • OK, I’ve slept on it and have read it twice more, and I think I’ve found some words. First, this is a happy post. Who doesn’t like happy? But then I realized that while you write about a boy and a girl, you are really talking about adults. There is the surface happiness that grew from shared hope fulfilled, but I also feel a deep feeling of contentment. That is a more adult feeling that satisfies the soul. Thanks for this post.

      • I write it from that perspective because children are often more innocent in their thoughts and beliefs. Things get kind of muddy as we get older and some experiences change us. The happiness is something I didn’t think I’d find again, but sometimes life can hand us a fairy tale after all. Thank you for your thoughts.

  1. There are few things more precious than a gift that reminds us there is hope where once it had been lost. Beautiful as always and truly made me smile today

    • Hello my dear brother. I’ve been away from WordPress for awhile… seems like forever, lol. But I think it’s only been a week. ^_^ Going through WP withdrawals so I’m popping in tonight and seeing what everyone’s been up to. Many hugs & blessings to you. xx

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