When my smile becomes a band-aid

To cover up the pain I feel

The incisions surgically perfected

Doesn’t make the pain any less real

I let you into the deepest, darkest parts of me

And you found my Achilles’ heel

Thought the river Styx would protect me

But a part of my body wasn’t concealed

Your poisoned arrows found its’ target

And the venom sealed the deal

Managing to break the heart of your best friend,

A girl whose heart was forged in steel

You cry, “you have no idea how much it hurts me,”

Once again spinning the victim wheel

An insult to the one you have hurt with your own blade

So the darkness will start to kneel

“Go forth and inflict the same pain your highness, ”

But instead the Queen kept her lips sealed

For she knew silence would bring on much more torment

Then diction spit out and revealed

the_sides_who_claim_themselves_by_starscoldnight-d5cp55h copyPhoto Credit: StarsColdNight

29 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Cleared a big major hurdle. It’s not over yet. I’ve been putting my life in poems though its all virtual reality. I can make it look like I can get the lady oooops that’s not ever supposed to happen…haha.

    • Some days, I feel the thorns sinking in. I think when things happen it doesn’t hit me immediately. Yesterday I felt it more than anything. It just hurt – a lot, so I had to write it out.

  2. I like this. Very nice flow and a potent feeling of the gravity of such betrayal, one I could feel deep inside after reading. The weapon of choice for the Queen’s vengeance is indeed the most powerful and would cut deeper than any lash of the tongue. Wonderful work as always my dear. I only wish it were a work of fiction…

  3. Don’t mind me, I going to lose myself in your Blog for a while. For some reason you aren’t showing up in my reader and I can tell I’ve missed a lot! I read in one of the comments you aren’t feeling very well. Good thoughts coming your way for a speedy recovery and good health. I have missed you! Dawn

    • You are too cute! Yeah… WordPress likes to do that. >_< Happens to me too. Some days I just go through my list instead of the reader if I haven't heard from someone in awhile. ^_^ Thank you Dawn, and I sure hope to get over this cold soon. Had to take today off from work to try and recover. Sending you back hugs and blessings. xx

    • It’s been awhile my brother. Things have been all right, just needed some time away. Hope things are going well with you. Sending warm wishes your way. God bless.

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