Oodles of Doodles!

As much as I had been trying to avoid making this post, the frequency of this issue has been increasing. If you are to contact me via email, please be respectful of my relationship.

If you cross that line, I will not respond to your email nor will I interact with you on WordPress anymore.

Now let’s soften this post up by adding picture notes I drew. ^_^


32 thoughts on “Oodles of Doodles!

  1. wow beautiful AND so talented too, I think I’m in love … ooops nevermind that. LOL Geesh, sorry you have to deal with all of that … although, it is sort of a compliment, in a slightly demented, pathetic way 🙂 Thanks for the smiles and your cute doodles.

    • LOL, Michael. Funny thing is, this never happened when I was single. -_-

      And I would have the benefit of the doubt that perhaps maybe they didn’t know I had a boyfriend… But turns out they did. So that just makes things a little bit more awkward. 😳

      • hey hey you you, I don’t like your boyfriend? think you need a new one … ME 🙂 Sorry, I am a bit hyper . It is funny that we somehow think it doesn’t matter, in a relationship or even married, some still think they can somehow convince you their feelings are more genuine or maybe you just made a mistake. Hang in there, the wilderness of the heart is never an easy journey.

        • OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing at the Avril Lavigne reference. ^_^ No apologies needed. I just find it rude and a little insulting to intrude on someone’s love life. It’s a sacred thing and shouldn’t be sullied by outside hands. ^_^ Ah yes, and I remember the poem. Thank you. (hugs)

  2. that whole pictures are worth a thousand words thing obviously didn’t have your doodles in mind, for they instill a feeling so defined and robust that they speak what volumes couldn’t cover. ^_^

  3. it’s difficult to decide on a favorite…tied between the kissy doggys and the punkin one and the tub one. 🙂

      • oh..now that i am awake..those doggys also could be camels..lol..i was pretty sleepy when i commented last night. 🙂

        I love your artwork. 🙂

        • Aw shucks, they’re supposed to be wolves >_< . But I guess art is always open to interpretation. My friend thought they were camels too because they looked "too nice" to be wolves.

  4. Fav doodle (doodle what an awesome word) has to be coffee or tea, though for me there is no competition. And I’m in agreement with everyone else by the sounds of it, well said!

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