The Return of the Lion

Once upon a time there was a girl that had a book for a heart. It wasn’t a novel but a work of short stories, for she understood that even fairy tales have more than just one in them. Inside the cover you would find chapters filled with ink that could tug on the corners of your lips to reveal a smile, and some pages where the words were so smudged you could tell she was trying to wash them away.

As the numbers on the bottom of those pages progressed, the tales grew into a series of horror stories that frightened her. So she locked it up, placed it in a casket and ran into the woods where a mound of dirt without a tombstone became its’ library and home.

But nothing stays buried forever, and she couldn’t continue to live like a cowardly Lioness without a heart.

4e527b45c6b4460058614ab4ab83f76e-d2ykxtcPhoto Credit: yuumei



39 thoughts on “The Return of the Lion

    • Great minds 😉 … and of course I had to stop by and comment since I am a little biased on my love for Grimm & fairy tales. 😀 It is one of my favorite pieces you’ve written.

  1. I am gonna switch my interest from poetry to comedy as laughter is close to being able to smile. This means I will not be following some of you guys anymore. Sorry. Was nice to have chatted once or twice Xxx

      • I missed you today, because I met someone of similar race to you. I remember seeing your posts about walking over rocks and among footpaths with bridges. I have been walking often still. Although I take a break occasionally. I hope you are well. I have followed you again, I hope you will come to the comedy side of things as this is the best way. Good night :0)

        • That is so sweet of you Matt. I’m glad to hear you’re still taking those walks and sometimes a break is much needed. I am well, I hope you are too. And although I may not write about comedy, I have been going to comedy clubs lately. A little laughter for the soul is wonderful.

          • Yes, laughter is the best medicine as it is stated. Seen a few zombies lately, they still not chilled out and found their refuge. I am begining to think that they are lost in the character of an overwelming spirit, perhaps the spirit of genocide, or terrible crimes, or generall misery. In character they become tiny elements of a larger human computer to try and resolve the problems. I still do not see why they come here, maybe all of the descriptions clearly amalgamate the answer. Regardless of this I still live in a simillar situation, not all that wonderful. I have taken up some excersize classes where I am surround by women waving there bums in different directions. Sometimes this can be a little akward as I am not entirely sure of which direction I should be looking. I have managed to avoid being overtly aroused by imagining small children asking me to lend them money and buy them clothes. All the best for now x

            • LOL no refuge for flesh eating zombies, poor things. Oh wait… you’re talking about actual people. Hahaha. OMG to the waving bums in different directions. Is it similar to watching a ping pong match – back and forth and back and forth. Think your neck would get tired at some point. Unless you keep it still and just move your eyes.

              • Well if I moved my eyes and not my head then I would invariably end up going cross eyed and thus appear much like a cartoon character after an explosion. This could be quite embarassing indeed. I made some progress and I can now put my feet down flat in downward dog, but so far only seperatly. I am quite tall and not yet all that flexable, so I can not strech in the same way all the ladies do more easily with their short bodies, in time this will change, but it will take ages. One of the teachers gets us to shimmy as part of a warm up excersize which is a slightly akward one, reminds me of the film “Airplane 2” with one of the William Shatner parts towards the moon landing at the end.

  2. okay, so you left us hanging there, Britt! 🙂 So it seems, you’ve been gone…I’ve been gone…and now we are both back. And we’ve both changed. Is that our twin thing? lol I hope you are doing well!

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