To believe that love is a living formation
A verb complete with actions and decisions
Not just a noun for a person, place or thing
But to nurture and grow with your vision

Is comparable to the development of bones
The psychological remodeling in queue
Where the osteoclasts and the osteoblasts
That cycle tissues that bond us like glue

Is to ensure anger, fear, and bitterness
Do not replace the silent assurance and respect
Of, “I am here, I am listening, I am with you”
Which could be destroyed by cells of neglect

So uncover your skin and check the foundation
The calcified paths will give you a clue
Maybe you’ll find a healthy, solid structure
Or discover bones that will break and bleed you


I came across the word osteoclast, from the Greek words for “bone” (Οστό) and “broken” (κλαστός), and the process of bone formation through ossification. And in true Britt fashion, I thought about love. Love for your family, friends, significant other. The ways you can form a solid relationship to the process of mending one akin to fractured healing. But unlike bones – the result of this formation is yours. Be gentle and cultivate the bonds you have with those who are supposed to be important to you, and never waste an opportunity to remind someone that you love them.

46 thoughts on “Ossification

              • I honestly don’t think people pay that much attention, or care enough to do so. That’s a generalization, yes, but it’s true of the world on a whole at times. I notice things when I have to approve them, however little or much. It’s similar to being aware of your surroundings.

                There have been some changes, yes. If there are any that are more in-depth, I probably haven’t noticed that much because I’ve been kind of vacant for a while.

                • That is unfortunately true, but I’ve always been an advocate in the importance of small details. More often than not, they mean more – especially when it comes to personal things.

                  I haven’t spent enough time on here to see any big changes (apart from catching up on my reader). But I’m sure I’ll stumble on the discovery of more when I fully utilize this platform.

                  • Same here. I’m highly aware.

                    I honestly wouldn’t know if there are any big changes or not. A few were subtle and others were not so subtle. They didn’t affect me that greatly for me to make a stink about any of them, but I’ve also had a million other things on my mind.

                    Thank you for your e-mail, it truly meant so much to me. I will respond as soon as I get my bearings. I haven’t been doing too well.

  1. God, Brit, osteoclast? Starts to sound like a noun….but you are adorable even in your skeleton suit…yes you are. And your spirit besides!

  2. After reading the other comments I’m starting to feel like a dunce. It took me two readings to get through the density of the language. It will probably be a few more readings before I feel like I have more than surface understanding. But, thanks. I enjoy challenges, Boney Britt.

  3. I don’t feel quite so duncelike now that I’ve had time to think. Still, I don’t normally have this amount of trouble with your poetry. Your mind isn’t all that strange. This poem will be good for me in the long run. That’s my positive spin for today.

  4. Great dress — and definitely a great word…

    I got to think about

    Sticks and stones will break my bones
    But words will never harm me.

    But words of hate destroy our state
    so sticks will mend my love

      • It’s definitely been a while, Britt. As for me, I need to learn how to sleep at reasonable hours again but, as you might have seen, I have been very busy.

        I got my first short story published in print and there are always things to do and plans to make. 🙂

        • I’m with you on the sleeping at reasonable hours again. My body however, will not listen. ^_^ I have all your posts sent to me via email… of which I need to catch up on.

          OMG. Congratulations! *sending hugs via airwaves and a high five*

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