The Dream Catcher

My lips want to tell your skin a bedtime story
Brush them in circles woven in rhyme
A web decorated with sacred items
In the land of, “Once upon a time”

As the tale leads you to dreamland
Hold my hand as visions run
Let the good dreams rest in your center
As you rise with the Great Spirit sun

And if the monsters of your mind
Trigger unwanted nightmares instead
I have placed these prayer beads as a trap
To burn them at the foot of your bed

So let me tell your skin a bedtime story
Watch you fall asleep with the last kiss
Witness the sky, hanging stars out to dry
After I bathe your kingdom in bliss

8a7230aff9ffd09e23f2b249534cd73b-d4q80lbPhoto Credit: Lady-Tori

21 thoughts on “The Dream Catcher

  1. I was daydreaming and decided to read some blogs, and i found your beautifully written poem…you are at your best B…when you write from deep within…your words always weave a captivating rhapsody! Thanks for sharing…your poem brings lasting smile! Hugs and blessings to you my sister!

    • Spent a week or so on the draft and finally was able to build & complete it. Definitely took a different turn than I was expecting, so I haven’t had a chance to recite it yet. But soon 🙂

    • Hi GE! Thank you. It’s been awhile. Things are good, just super busy. No more hiking because the group became unmotivated and I’m not fond of solo hikes. Hope things have been going fantastic for you. ^_^

  2. ‘Witness the sky, hanging stars out to dry’. I adore that line. How wonderful! Such a lovely image it creates ^^

    A beautiful poem, as always.

  3. You’re bringing us a sense of peace, or perhaps tranquility is a better word. I’ve always felt that love should be that way. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

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