In the Madness of Machines

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a book for a heart that was inhumed. Although her name wasn’t written on it, you would be able to distinguish it by the scarification of incisions decorated in its’ spine. The pages stained in a color close to hate; the jacket covered with residue from palms that read of intentions far less than gentle.

Do you know what it feels like, to read chapters upon chapters from a book filled with madness and a kingdom full of sorrow? To see the look of horror in someone’s eyes when they ran their fingers over your bindings to find their hands infected with loss? She did.


The months following the rites of sepulture, she wanted it back. The black hole where it used to reside was growing; the shadows gnawing at her bones. She thought that getting rid of it was the solution but it created a threat greater than anything she could have ever imagined. She created a prison of darkness that wanted to consume her whole.

With haste, she ran back to the burial ground in search of it for she believed that she would be able to find a cure for the disease. What she found instead was the coffin exhumed. Who would want a damaged heart? Whoever it was, whatever it was, it was capable of handling the infection.

During her travels, she had heard the tales and folklore of a city built on cogs and springs; a society that ran on programs and functioned on command. Creatures built with robotic hearts that could not be tainted with emotions. Remote Controlled People, as she liked to call them.

If such a place did exist she needed to find it. For if she was unsuccessful at recovering her heart; perhaps she could create a new one.

heartless_by_mskycarmen-d2yaigaPhoto Credit: MskyCarmen

Part I: the Return of the Lion


33 thoughts on “In the Madness of Machines

        • Well I know you tend to switch your header often to a new drawing, which I find awesometastic. But the theme was a shock to me because it was a complete overhaul. I’ve been looking for a new theme myself but haven’t found one that fits my fancy yet.

  1. A start to a new quest. I wonder where it will lead? I have my hopes, but it’s not my story. I shall be reading. Glad you’re sharing your talent with us again.

  2. I have been away for a little more than two weeks, due to a death of a sister, and a near death of a son! I left so fast I did not remember to take my computer…not that I would have had the time, and yet even the sadness is lessened by a visit to you B! My dear sister you make a day breathe happiness…wanted to let you know I had not forgotten you…have a very lovely weekend!

    • Dearest brother, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and near-loss. My wishes go out to you and your family during this tragic time, and may the Lord bring comfort to your hearts. I hope you are okay and I too would have left without taking anything. I’m just glad to hear from you again. Sending a mountain-full of hugs your way. xx

  3. I wrote something, long ago that I barely remember. It was something along the lines of the fact that sometimes the words we tell ourselves — that we make for ourselves — are like poisonous butterflies. The book of that heart sounds like end result, but I suspect that the story wasn’t finished yet. And there is still so much more yet to be told. I also wonder what might be found within the robotic city. From a place of dark magic to science …

    I am glad that I peered in on this place again. 🙂

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