Aviation Mémoires: Tempestas

You are the words, I never knew how to write. A combination of twenty six different letters I couldn’t accurately describe. But this is the story, I have waited all my life. One I couldn’t imagine and have yet to imbibe

For you set this cyclone heart in motion, summoned storms to the east shore. Witness the ripples reflect my desire; on bended knees now supplicating more.

I want to moisten your body in ink; tread through channels of your bones. Blow 24 notes on rib cages, a melody of wind chimes calling you home.

So whisper my name in dreams, behind closed eyes you’ll finally understand why; hurricanes are named after people and a storm is on the rise.

hurricanePhoto Credit: Manink



51 thoughts on “Aviation Mémoires: Tempestas

      • Better, different, I guess, but better. Last year and the whole writing the body thing was a whole lot of crazy that I could not keep going with. Even so, it took me places. And it started with you there too….just you.

        • Yes, writing the body – I remember that. Although I did enjoy the Zed series. Funny how far we’ve come… it’s been over a year and we both have grown. It’s beautiful to see that. And I do remember when our little blogs were filled with a small handful of followers. I remember you being there. How we talked about our love for music, the rhyming and patterns of certain songs. They will always hold a place in my heart.

      • Well, as you noticed on my blog, things are a little more settled now. What worries me a bit is that I do not know where that insane storm that was 2013 came from – it was like I had to test everything I knew about myself, to check it, and to chuck it. A strange time! And I shared it with you more than with most….I read your poem to me the other day….and smiled at those times, already so long ago! Love you my friend! xx

        • It’s a lot more settled from when I had semi-retired from WordPress *giggles* You know what… it’s good to be a storm. To test the waters a bit. You’ll learn a lot about yourself during that time and perhaps, even about those around you. I’m not sure how or why our blogs have met, but I’m glad it happened. I hope you are well and happy J. I only wish the best for you. Love you too my friend. xx

          • Yes, you and me both. I do not look as often as before, and do not write as much. In fact, I took a lead from you in taking posts down – then I took the entire blog out, but recreated this one so that some of the wonderful people (like you) that I met along the way could stay in touch….xx

            • I remember when you first protested against me taking the first few down 🙂 I know the writing is always a part of me, but there are things that needed to be said and then put away. With the new year starting in 2014, I wanted a new start. I wanted my writing to evolve into something else, and it did if only for a short while. I am glad for the lessons learned and friendships built. And although you took down the entire blog, I’m glad you recreated it. I am also glad I kept some of your writing. I copied/pasted it to word documents months ago before I started to visit less. There are some things I never want to forget, like the impact you had on my life and the things you have written for me. I hold them very close to my heart. My only hope, is that you are happy. xx

              • Dear Britt, I kept a few bits and pieces too. But it really is a journey, isn’t it? I am glad you kept some of what i wrote. We wrote a bit for each other at times (in fact, I found that poem you wrote for me – I had even printed it out). I was not so much unhappy as up and down more – things are a bit more level now. And I am a bit less crazy for some reason. The music and the talking helped a lot….and we really were travelling together at that time. And I am ok, truly! xx

And the wind whispers...

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