163 ~ Wanderlust

In this forest we call life
There are so many paths to take
To follow ones built before us
Or create ones from our mistakes

My heart is full of wonder
And open to hear the song
So I follow the sound of music
Although the journey may be long

Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book
Some roads may lead to dead ends
And all I can do is turn back
To once the road converged and bends

Paving ways without regrets
Forging paths with much uncertainty
I find beauty in all the trails I’ve made
That lead to finding me



17 thoughts on “163 ~ Wanderlust

  1. It is true that one line made me think of Julie Andrews (sound of music etc), but well, I like this…and follow your journey as I do…..

      • Like I say, I am always glad to walk with you….as are many here. I do think you know that. As for in life, I am sure you have many who share your journey too…you touch many lives B!

  2. So true this one! πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you how many roads I’ve been down (lost count now!) A lot of them are bumpy lanes that look like they are leading nowhere. But the funny thing is, they all lead onto another and they do appear over time to be leading to a much better place – especially in knowing myself. I hope this is happening to you too, and lets hope some of them will be smooth enough for girlie high heels and you won’t need your hiking boots for too many of them!! πŸ˜‰

    • I really love that last bit Suzy! I too, am hoping some of the path will be smooth enough for girlie heels. They’re currently lying in wait in their boxes, ready for a chance to be worn πŸ˜€ But it seems as if the hiking boots will be staying on for a little while longer.

And the wind whispers...

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